“Calm Before the Storm” is an original 16×20 inch acrylic painting on stretched canvas. This painting could actually be a nice companion piece to “Moonlight on the Bay”. The inspiration for this image was a recent series of events in my life. My family went through a very stressful period with an elderly family member as caregivers. When this family member was admitted to a rehab facility, there was a change in the stress level and things calmed down. However, I feel like I’m always waiting for the next storm to start.

I painted the calm, blue moonlit bay as an expression of feeling a brief calm in my life. I was able to relax a little a stop to paint. It also expresses a lift in spirits and happiness. The dark storm clouds looming overhead signify the yet unknown but anticipated storm that will break the calm.  The goal is to appreciate the beauty of the calm and try not to stress over things that haven’t happened yet.

Original painting for sale on eBay.com

Print for sale at:  https://bluemoonart2000.deviantart.com