It has taken me a several weeks to write a new post, and I apologize. A combination of life chaos and illness has put me behind both in painting and writing. This new painting, finished just yesterday, is called “Evening Reflections”. The inspiration for this is a scene I like to visualize when I’m trying to unwind and relax to sleep. I have always loved mountain sunsets. I didn’t plan to paint this, but the sky took shape first and then the rest was just laying down the image in my head on the canvas. I find it this painting makes me happy inside and I can just spend time enjoying the sunset. I hope other viewers will also find it as pleasing.

I actually started trying to work on a new piece a few weeks ago. A deadline was approaching for a local juried show, and I wanted a new piece to enter because this would be my very first art show. But this plan backfired on me. I am, by nature, an instinctual and emotional painter. I don’t pre-plan my design, or work off photos, etc. In trying to “force” myself to create a new piece under pressure, I just ended up with a painting I was hating and a lot of stress! My husband knows me way to well, and pointed this out, and I agreed I was pushing it too hard. So, I relaxed and entered two of my best already completed paintings. One was rejected, but the other was approved for the show! I was in the hospital with pneumonia when I got the news. I begged my doctor to release me the day of the opening, and he agreed. It was a First Friday Art Walk night, and the crowd through the gallery was wonderful! I didn’t care that I was fresh out of the hospital, because I had a great time looking at art and talking with everyone. My family attended and we explore down the street to other galleries and shops. Best night out we’ve had as a family in ages. This painting is done in acrylics on a 16 inch x 20 inch stretched canvas.

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