“Moon Flowers” is a little different than my usual style, but it was fun to create. You can imagine the moon shining down and opening the different blooms. It has a familiar, yet slightly alien look. It could be on any planet with a moon like ours. A colorful garden blooming in the moonlight.

I started using an early painting I created as a base. The earlier painting was pretty but plain. It was a simple ocean view with only two main colors, blue and purple, and straight lines for the land/sea divide and horizon. I was unhappy with it and so I made the decision to paint over it.

My idea was for a night sky scene, so I started by painting black over the sky and ocean, leaving the purple grass. I then blended purple and blue over the black sky, giving it a texture more like a night sky.

The inspiration for the alien garden came next, so I used bright greens, blues, yellow and pink to layer in the plants. I gave the plants some unusual shapes against the night sky and left the purple grass. This turned out well, but it needed something. The bright full moon sets off the dark night sky and completes the painting.

Acrylic on 16 x 20 inch stretched canvas. Unframed. Signed by the artist.

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