“Gathering Storm” was an interesting journey. I hadn’t created anything since “The Promise of Rain”. I was experiencing the return of my depression and as a result, found myself unmotivated to do much of anything, including paint.

I finally sat down after a few weeks to try painting again. After several failed attempts, two half started canvases and much frustration, I stepped back for a few days to regroup. I decided I was trying too hard to push myself into creating. I needed to relax and just let it happen.

Grabbing one of the half painted canvas, I painted over everything with white and started over. The first thing I did was paint a blue sky while my brain mulled over the possibilities. Deciding that I wanted an ocean, that was the next addition. Moving on to the clouds, I found myself creating dark skies instead of sunny. It felt right, so I worked on purple and blue storm clouds with a full moon shining on the horizon, as if the storm was moving in. Adding purples to the surface of the blue water reflected the coming darkness. I painted in wisps of cloud over the moonlit horizon and moonlight reflections on the water.

Not wanting to add a sandy beach to the scene, I decided to do a rocky shore instead. Now I had not tackled rocks yet except on an alien landscape in “Red Planet”. So, I took my time with the rocks, trying to get the angle of the light and shadows right using gray and purple tones. It took awhile, but I’m pleased with the result.

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