Directionless describes how I feel at the moment. While painting this canvas, I was dwelling on various things that have happened in my life recently. Most importantly was the death of a treasured family member. My mother-in-law passed away at 91 last month rather unexpectedly. She was a strong mother figure to me, and we had a great relationship over the thirty plus years I knew her. Her death has left me feeling lost somehow, my grief manifesting in a slew of emotions. So finally I reached for a half-started painting I had abandoned and began just laying down color over the image. No plan. No rhyme or reason. Just painting. The limited color palette of blues, greens and purples seemed to soothe me, as did the random brush strokes. It was directionless, hence the title of the painting was born. Completing this piece was very therapeutic for me, and I hope viewers will find a moment of peace in it’s image.

Original acrylic painting on 20 x 24 inch stretched canvas.