“Finding Poetry in Nature” was inspired by a beautiful photo taken from the vlog of a YouTuber my husband and I follow, The Cottage Fairy. She’s an artist who lives in rural Washington state in a small cottage, surrounded by rolling hills and mountain views. She is a huge fan of books, especially fairy tales and poetry. One can find her frequently walking the surrounding countryside with her dog, or sitting in the grass with a good book. Thank you, Paola, for the inspiration in my love of creating art, reading and enjoying nature.

Original acrylic painting on 18 x 24 inch stretched canvas. Finished edges. Unframed.

Prints available on request (11 x 14 in).

Special Note (08/27/2021) – copy of correspondance with Paola, The Cottage Fairy, on Etsy messaging:

2 days ago
Hi, Paola! My name is Belinda Jensen Wood from Springfield MO. I’m an acrylic painter. My husband and I enjoy your vlogs and your artwork. I thought you might want to see the acrylic painting that I just finished, inspired by a screenshot from one of your vlogs! Thanks!

(I sent her a photo of this painting)

9 hours ago

Hello Belinda,
Thank you so much for your kind words and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful art! It made my week! You captured so much natural beauty and I will be treasuring it 🙂 Thank you for sharing your gift of creativity with me!