“Morning Tulips”

Inspired by a photo I saw online, “Morning Tulips” is a colorful impressionistic view of a field of red, yellow, purple, pink and white tulips under a morning sky in the Holland flower fields. Painted on 12 x 24 inch stretched canvas. ORIGINAL SOLD.

I decided to take a few painting progression photos this time to share:

Because of the hundreds of tulips in the field, I ended up investing a lot of time with this painting just making flowers! Even though it’s more impressionist, I still wanted to show the progression from far away to the forefront. The feeling of the field stretching away into the distance gives more depth. And even though this small painting ended up being a lot of work, it was worth the end result!

“Autumn Stream”

“Autumn Stream” is a colorful painting of a small stream running through the woods while fall leaves decorate the trees.

Original acrylic painting on 9 x 12 inch stretched canvas. ORIGINAL SOLD.

“Sunset Point”

“Sunset Point” comes from my ongoing love affair with sunsets. No two sunsets are ever alike. The soft, warm light touches everything, creating a sense of peacefulness. The surface of the water picks up the brilliant colors and reflects them back in a sparking light show. Whether it be on an ocean, lake or pond the effect is magical. So please stop and watch a sunset once in awhile.

Acrylic painting on 16 x 20 inch stretched canvas. Unframed. Signed by the artist. SOLD.

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